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H.B. 4244: Tightening the Screws on COVID Vax Dissent

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana . Today’s lesson about not learning the lessons of the past and thus being condemned to repeat them comes courtesy of Illinois State Representative Bob Morgan. . Bob … Continue reading

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Gov. Pritzker Just Cost Illinois $800 Million (And Counting)

Last week I wrote a post explaining my decision to remove myself from the “Agreed Bill Process” relating to the deficit in the Illinois Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund. My primary reason was that the Governor could have (and should have) … Continue reading

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An “Agreed Bill” That I Don’t Agree With

In April, I was appointed to be a representative of the House Republican caucus on an “Agreed Bill Committee” which is a device used by labor and the business community during negotiations over the critical issue of Unemployment Insurance. By … Continue reading

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Governor, Stay Home and Do Your Job

The General Assembly recently adjourned its fall veto session without addressing many of the major problems which confront Illinois. Among them: . Illinois has a $4.4 billion shortfall in its Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund which it’s obligated to repay to … Continue reading

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How Many Renewable Energy Credits Does It Take To Screw in a Light Bulb?

With the House convening on Thursday to consider energy/climate legislation that’s been negotiated by Democrats, labor unions and environmentalists, I’ve been reading up on what the bill provides and have a few observations and questions. . First of all, the … Continue reading

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