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Gov. Pritzker Just Cost Illinois $800 Million (And Counting)

Last week I wrote a post explaining my decision to remove myself from the “Agreed Bill Process” relating to the deficit in the Illinois Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund. My primary reason was that the Governor could have (and should have) … Continue reading

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You Don’t Apportion Legislative Districts With a Random Survey

Like every other state, Illinois is in the process of drawing new legislative boundaries as is required every 10 years after the taking of the census. This year is unique because (like everything else) COVID interrupted the process. . The … Continue reading

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Debt Option #2: Amend the Constitution

The previous post dealt with a proposal to address the issue of our debt, laying out a “front-loaded” increase in payments to our pension debt so as to avoid ever-increasing payments due in future years. That post was written under … Continue reading

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