The Onion Runs a J.B. Pritzker Campaign Ad

J.B. Pritzker just put out this campaign ad:


Watch this video on YouTube.


Talk about false advertising:


• Right off the bat he talks about keeping one’s word. This from the guy who promised he’d never sign gerrymandered election maps when he was running for the job.
• At the 16-second mark he talks about Illinois not paying its bills and piling up interest penalties. What about the $4.5 billion unpaid Unemployment Insurance trust fund deficit that he could’ve paid off last year, with unpaid interest having now climbed to $25,524,243.84?
• He touts a balanced budget. That’s easy to do when the Federal government drops $8.1 billion in one-time money in his lap. Where did all that money go, Governor? Is it going to show up next year in an increased baseline?


If it didn’t say at the end that his campaign had paid for the ad, you’d swear it’d been put out by the Onion or the Babylon Bee. Keep it coming, J.B.

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