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Dance Band on the Titanic

There’s an old saying that bad news comes in threes. It’s certainly true today for Illinois. First comes the news that Illinois’ insurance rates under Obamacare are set to skyrocket by 43%-55% at the end of the year. Nothing about … Continue reading

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Invoking the Nuclear Option on Pensions

The head of the Chicago Teachers’ Union pension fund, Charles Burbridge, was on “Chicago Tonight” on Tuesday, and he held up 7 checks totaling $643 million, which was the amount needed to fully fund this year’s required contribution. When Phil … Continue reading

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IL Supreme Court Compels Disclosure of Internet Troll’s Identity

On June 18, the Illinois Supreme Court issued a ruling that requires Comcast to disclose the identity of an anonymous commenter to a newspaper website. The facts as stated by the Court are as follows: “On December 28, 2011, the … Continue reading

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There Are No Clean Hands in the Pension Debate

In its May 8th decision, the Supreme Court couldn’t have been plainer as to the priority of pension obligations in the state budget, and placed the greatest portion of the blame for the condition of the pension funds squarely where … Continue reading

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What Happens If Our Pension Plans Go Broke?

We’re now seeing the real face of Illinois’ pension crisis by the cuts being proposed by Governor Rauner in his 2016 budget. In Fiscal 2016, Illinois will owe $6.8 billion to its 5 pension plans, which will account for roughly … Continue reading

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