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  1. John S Kemic says:

    Please vote no on HB40

  2. Kristi Schlax says:

    Please vote YES on House Bill 484 to equalize the system and make reimbursements placement neutral. Thank you for your efforts.

  3. Roy Lamkin says:

    PLEASE do not support SB 1657

  4. Anthony F. Dziewiontka says:

    Hello, please oppose the upcoming gun legislations :
    hb 4107
    hb 4112
    Thank you

  5. Tim says:

    I ask that you support the 2nd Amendment, the Bill of Rights, and The Constitution by voting against any and all anti-gun legislation.

    Specific bills I ask that you vote against are as follows:

    HB 1664

    HB 1469

    HB 1465

    HB 1467

    HB 1468

    Please vote against the veto of 1657

  6. Allen Austin says:

    Do not support this bill. Theres already a 3 day waiting period and raising the age goes against out second amendment rights. VOTE NO

  7. Ms. Grażyna Minior says:

    Thanks so much for meeting!
    Thanks a lot for listening to us!
    Grażyna Minior

  8. david chapman says:

    Steve, glad to talk to you any time about the outreach that our Township does, something that neither David, nor Jack nor Allen, nor Algonquin Township Republican or the County Republican Organizations have chosen to do.

    I’m aware Jack is part of the group with the Du Page County Board Chair and has been challenged to show results in expanding County influence.

    Meanwhile we continue to provide top notch service for our residents and look forward to expanding those services and involving more constituents in “their local Government” Our Board is getting along now and external pressures (Road district) continue to inhibit our progress but we will persevere and do what we were elected to do.

    warm regards,
    Dave Chapman
    Algonquin Township Trustee
    (847) 774-2079

  9. Jason Chapman says:

    Do not vote for the bill to ban assault weapons. Don’t punish those who abide by the law.

  10. Bill Fox says:

    Thank you Representative Reick for your straight talk regarding the real fiscal condition of our once great State! I watched your comments on the Illinois Policy Institute’s site following one of your Democrat colleagues who seemed to indicate another round of kicking the can down even farther down the road. Why is it SO difficult for the super majority to acknowledge the true cause of our fiscal problems? Oh yeah, they are beholden to the public employee unions who continue to fund them. Bankruptcy of those pension plans is the only way out!

    Thank you!

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