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    1. John S Kemic says:

      Please vote no on HB40

    2. Kristi Schlax says:

      Please vote YES on House Bill 484 to equalize the system and make reimbursements placement neutral. Thank you for your efforts.

    3. Roy Lamkin says:

      PLEASE do not support SB 1657

    4. Anthony F. Dziewiontka says:

      Hello, please oppose the upcoming gun legislations :
      hb 4107
      hb 4112
      Thank you

    5. Tim says:

      I ask that you support the 2nd Amendment, the Bill of Rights, and The Constitution by voting against any and all anti-gun legislation.

      Specific bills I ask that you vote against are as follows:

      HB 1664

      HB 1469

      HB 1465

      HB 1467

      HB 1468

      Please vote against the veto of 1657

    6. Allen Austin says:

      Do not support this bill. Theres already a 3 day waiting period and raising the age goes against out second amendment rights. VOTE NO

    7. Ms. Grażyna Minior says:

      Thanks so much for meeting!
      Thanks a lot for listening to us!
      Grażyna Minior

    8. david chapman says:

      Steve, glad to talk to you any time about the outreach that our Township does, something that neither David, nor Jack nor Allen, nor Algonquin Township Republican or the County Republican Organizations have chosen to do.

      I’m aware Jack is part of the group with the Du Page County Board Chair and has been challenged to show results in expanding County influence.

      Meanwhile we continue to provide top notch service for our residents and look forward to expanding those services and involving more constituents in “their local Government” Our Board is getting along now and external pressures (Road district) continue to inhibit our progress but we will persevere and do what we were elected to do.

      warm regards,
      Dave Chapman
      Algonquin Township Trustee
      (847) 774-2079

    9. Jason Chapman says:

      Do not vote for the bill to ban assault weapons. Don’t punish those who abide by the law.

    10. Julie Brain says:

      Please don’t support HB2864. This bill will hurt the pockets of a lot of people. Some of us have no choice but to drive far for work and, this milage tax would be such a big burden on our pockets. I currently reside in Wonder Lake and work in Schiller Park. I won’t be able to afford the milage tax if this bill passes into law. Can’t there be another way to cut spending instead of taxing everyone out of Illinois? This is ridiculous. Keep the fuel tax and kick this milage tax to the curb. No one wants this milage tax. I, as well as many others will be leaving the state of Illinois and finding a new place to live. I don’t want to pack up and leave but if this passes i most certainly will leave Illinois. Please don’t support this.

    11. Bill Fox says:

      Thank you Representative Reick for your straight talk regarding the real fiscal condition of our once great State! I watched your comments on the Illinois Policy Institute’s site following one of your Democrat colleagues who seemed to indicate another round of kicking the can down even farther down the road. Why is it SO difficult for the super majority to acknowledge the true cause of our fiscal problems? Oh yeah, they are beholden to the public employee unions who continue to fund them. Bankruptcy of those pension plans is the only way out!

      Thank you!

    12. James Buechler says:

      We’ve watched the Governor convene closed door meetings and heard his call for forced consolidation. The process has lacked transparency and true TRUSTEE input. It is time for the Administration and General Assembly to hear us!

      I OPPOSE any and all Forced Consolidation of Downstate Police and Fire funds.
      James Buechler Retired Belleville Firefighter Local 53 I.A.F.F. Belleville IL

    13. Paula Mondloh says:

      G’Day Sir
      I just discovered the proposed how the Illinois State Board of Education plans for destroying the education & thinking of our children, via ” The Culturally Responsive Teaching and Leading Standards, or CRTL”

      I’m in complete opposition to “a forced political litmus test on all teachers in Illinois, effecting their training, licensing and assessments.”

      As a down stater, I am ready to get the word out and let the JCAR know we want our kids to strive to fulfill MLK’s dream: Where his kids “live in a nation where they will be judged not on the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

      Your insights and way ahead are very much appreciated.
      Paula Mondloh Colonel (ret) USAFR

    14. Erin Foster says:

      Please help the teachers and students of Illinois by voting no during the JCAR on the Culturally Responsive Teaching and Leading standards mandated proposed by the ISBE. I do not send my children to public school for political indoctrination or an education on how they are more or less worthy because of their skin color or cultural heritage. They should be focusing on math, reading, science, writing, and the arts. Please help me to contact other members of the JCAR committee as it is difficult to find information on who the members are.

    15. Lisa Fleming says:

      PLEASE vote against the proposed teaching standards that would mandate more left-leaning standards for educators in Illinois public schools. Please focus on academic education!

    16. Dexter Hemmant says:

      Thanks, Dexter Hemmant for

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