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For Municipal Pensions, the Can Has Reached the End of the Road

Pensions are now cutting into essential services. This needs to be fixed, and there are no easy solutions. Continue reading

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This Is What Happens When Democrats Do Tax Bills

Combine a limitation on state and local taxes (SALT) under the new Federal tax bill with Democrats scrambling to score political points in an election year, stir in a dash of hypocrisy, and what do you get? You get H.B. … Continue reading

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Whatever Happened to the Party of Small Government?

“The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield, and government to gain ground.”  -Thomas Jefferson “I want to run McHenry County…being an executive able to really change fundamentally the structure of government.”  -Jack Franks “The Download” WGN Radio … Continue reading

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Let Voters Decide on Township Road Districts

That’s the headline of an article written by Jack Franks published in today’s Northwest Herald, a headline with which I am in full agreement. Franks goes on, however, to fully distort what I’m trying to accomplish with the trailer bill … Continue reading

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“Silence of the Dems”, Lisa Madigan Edition

In the past several months, the Chicago Tribune has extensively researched and written about the assessment practices of Cook County Assessor Joseph Berrios, finding a pattern of: “[C]lout, patronage and incompetence…that assigns property values and thus helps shape tax bills. … Continue reading

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