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Guided Transfer support account for the two week period after transfer. Safe to delete if the support period is over.

Going to Pot in 2019?

Many, many years ago when I was a freshman at the University of Illinois, I’d come back to my dorm room in dear old Scott Hall (Da Ritz) after class, and to get to my room, I had to wade … Continue reading

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My New Year’s Wish for Illinois

It’s January 1, and we’re a little over a week from starting a new General Assembly and less than two weeks from swearing in a new Governor. Republicans in Springfield have no choice but to hope that despite being in … Continue reading

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McSweeney’s Frank(s)enstein Update

There seems to be some question as to the current status of H.B. 4637, Representative David McSweeney’s bill to eliminate townships in McHenry County that slithered through the House on the last day of veto session. . In a story … Continue reading

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McSweeney’s “Frank(s)enstein

McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks is on record as supporting Representative David McSweeney’s Township consolidation bill (H.B. 4637), saying that “We want to be a laboratory for the state.” This may make for a good sound bite, but in … Continue reading

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Go to Church

Right after the election, my wife and I drove to Denver to visit our daughter and her family. My youngest granddaughter was being confirmed in the Catholic Church, and we attended the ceremony. . I’m not religious. It just never … Continue reading

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