I’m Running for Re-Election for IL District 63

Since 2017 it’s been my privilege to serve McHenry County as State Representative in the Illinois House. I’m announcing today that I am running for re-election in the newly drawn 63rd District.
While the COVID-19 pandemic has forced everyone in Illinois to contend with a multitude of issues over the past several years, the current administration and unelected bureaucrats have effectively excluded the people of this State from making their voices heard. A never-ending series of disaster declarations and executive orders have handed Illinois over to one-man rule.
Throughout this time, I have spoken up against this overreach. As a member of the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules I led the charge to keep the Governor from turning business owners who were fighting for their survival from being branded as criminals for simply keeping their businesses open, as well as requiring that non-public schools be given the same due-process rights as public schools before having their recognition status revoked due to noncompliance with COVID mandates. I’ve co-sponsored legislation that would require the General Assembly to approve of any extension or re-issuance of a general disaster declaration and have been at the forefront of holding the Governor to account for his failure to repay the $4.4 billion deficit in the state’s Unemployment Insurance trust fund. As Republican spokesman on the Revenue and Labor Committees, I’ve been able to speak with authority on measures that help create jobs and expand economic opportunity.
While I’ve consistently advocated for cutting government waste, property tax relief, and a solution to our crushing debt, I wasn’t afraid to take a tough vote that will bring almost $300 million in needed infrastructure improvements to McHenry County. In addition, as a result of that vote, the County receives $250,000 in additional revenue per month, and our municipalities and townships have shared in that revenue as well. We’re all seeing the benefits of that in the improving quality of our roads and bridges.
A large part of a representative’s duties is constituent service, and during the past 5 years, my office has helped with hundreds of issues, from helping constituents renew their FOID cards to obtaining many other state services which they as taxpayers have paid for. That commitment to constituent service will continue.
While the boundaries of the 63rd District have changed, my commitment to the people of McHenry County has not. With your help, I will remain your independent voice in Springfield.

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  1. Michael Stanard says:

    Kudos to a man with common sense

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